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Q. Who is Appetite for Action for?

A. Appetite for Action is a website for primary schools and primary aged home schoolers to support their teaching and learning about sustainability through the topic of food.


Q. Is there a cost for participating in Appetite for Action?

A. All the resources on the website are completely free for registered primary schools and primary aged home schools.


Q. Can anyone register for Appetite for Action?

A. You must be a primary school, or a primary aged home schooler in the United Kingdom or Republic of Ireland to register. If you are a group that is outside of schooling, such as Brownies/Scouts, get a local school signed up and offer to support their activities as a community group.


Q. Can all registered users take part in an Appetite for Action Challenge?

A. Yes, all registered users can take part in an Appetite for Action challenge.


Q. How many people are needed to form an Action Team?

A. There should be a minimum of 5 Action Team members. If you are a very small school, or are home schooling you will need to link with members of your community to be able to take part in a Challenge. This is because Appetite for Action is about working together to find sustainable solutions.


Q. Can we involve parents and support staff in our Action Team?

A. Absolutely! Working with members of your community or other staff in your school will help you achieve your goals.


Q. What is School of the Week and what is the prize?

A. School of the Week is an accolade awarded to a different school each week who have proven that they have an extreme Appetite for Action by going the extra mile to complete their challenge. The school of the week is announced on the website homepage.  Every month Appetite for Action has a generous supporter who donates prizes to the winning school. Find out more about our supporters here.


Q. Are all registered users eligible to win School of the Week?

A. No, only registered primary schools are eligible. This is because Appetite for Action was developed for the purpose of making changes in a formal school estate and this is how the schools will be judged. However, because we have received interest from Home Schoolers, we have made the challenge resources available more widely so that all primary aged children in the UK and Ireland can have a chance to take part in learning about sustainable food.

Q. Can all registered users take part in the Sky Challenge Competition?

A. Only registered users who complete their challenge can enter the competition and the possibility of winning £1,500. Please visit the competition page on the homepage to learn more about the competition rules.

Q. Will all registered users receive a UNEP Certificate when they have completed their challenge?

A. Yes, there will be an orange link on your final measurement home page which you can click on to order upto 40 UNEP certificates. If you have any problems ordering the certificates please contact Appetite for Action.

Q. We want to share our schools profile page with parents, is that possible?

A. Yes, when you sign up you can choose to share your page publically, keep it open only to other registered schools or keep it private to view only at your school.  You can change this at any stage if you want to.


Q. Does Appetite for Action link to the curriculum?

A. Yes, the website does contain teaching resources which link to curriculum topics. However, during our consultation process with teachers it was decided to keep the curriculum links broad and specify an age band, rather than teaching stage. This is because each country has its own curriculum documents and the teachers we consulted with felt confident schools would make their own links where necessary.


Q. What are the key measures?

A. Each challenge has 3 key measures. These have been identified to help schools focus on the most important areas to create positive change in their schools. Participating schoosl need to show an environmental improvement in at least one of their key measures to earn United Nations Environment Programme certificates 

The Appetite for Action programme has been developed in partnership between the leading environmental behaviour change charity Global Action Plan and Sky. Global Action Plan has run the Action in School programme successfully with over 300 schools, helping them to make small changes that make a big difference. The Appetite for Action programme with Sky will allow many more schools to benefit from the process.