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Appetite for Action the partnership

Appetite for Action is part of the three-year partnership between Sky and Global Action Plan. The partnership aims to raise over £1 million for Global Action Plan and to use Sky’s resources and experience to help Global Action Plan reach out across the UK and Ireland, so that they can inspire consumers, and Sky customers and staff to make positive changes in their daily lives to address climate change.

Appetite for Action is a new, free educational website for all Primary Schools in the UK and Ireland that helps schools tackle a range of sustainability issues through the topic of food.  Developed in conjunction with teachers, the website offers schools access to free resources, from lesson plans and fact sheets through to activity ideas and films, helping pupils to reduce food waste, grow their own fruit and vegetables, understand composting and reduce waste to landfill.  Plus the opportunity to take part in a school challenge to reduce their schools CO2 impact.

Schools can choose to take part in a challenge around food, waste or growing and students get the opportunity to create an online team profile, measure their activities, develop a blog on the actions taken and search out other similar schools.  All challenge participants will receive a United Nations Environment Programme Certificates and enter the competition to win £3,000.

About BSkyB

Sky has always been about making great things happen in entertainment. Great choice, quality content, something for everyone. And behind the small screen is The Bigger Picture- action, inspiration and results to make a positive impact on our society and our world, today and for the future.

Sky reaches one in three homes in the UK, and The Bigger Picture focuses on areas that really matter to our 9 Million homes, by encouraging participation in sports, making the Art accessible and the inspiring action to help create a healthy environment. Together, we can inspire all sorts of new possibilities, to make a better future for everyone.

To find out more about Sky’s “The Bigger Picture”, go to:

About Global Action Plan

Global Action Plan is an environmental behaviour change charity that helps people to make positive changes in their workplace, home, school, and community. By working together, people can make small changes that collectively have a big impact on the things that matter.

Appetite for Action was based on their successful Action at School programme, which to date,  has worked with over 300 schools, using tools including energy and waste audits as well as fun, interactive learning to deliver results such as an average 41% reduction in waste.

The charity was created in 1993 as a different kind of environmental organisation, focusing on people and how they can take practical action in their everyday lives for a better world. In the UK, we have helped thousands of people and organisations to make substantial environmental and financial savings.

To learn more visit

The Appetite for Action programme has been developed in partnership between the leading environmental behaviour change charity Global Action Plan and Sky. Global Action Plan has run the Action in School programme successfully with over 300 schools, helping them to make small changes that make a big difference. The Appetite for Action programme with Sky will allow many more schools to benefit from the process.