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Action Update

Appetite for Action helps children make the connection between the environment, the food they eat and the food they throw away.


Action update

July 26th, 2011

An elephant never forgets…will you?

To make a fantastic elephant watering can follow these simple steps:

How to make the watering can

    1. Remove the bottle tops (but keep safe) and leave two 4 pint plastic milk bottles to soak over night
    2. Rinse bottles out, remove the labels and put one bottle to the side
    3. Turn the remaining milk bottle on its flat side down so the handle is on top

How to make the elephants face

    1. Cut out 2 big circles of coloured paper for the ears
    2. Glue them onto either flat side panel of the milk bottle
    3. Cut out 2 small circles of coloured paper and add black dots for the eyes
    4. Glue them onto the flat side of the handle arch

How to make the elephants trunk (you will need an adult to do this part)

    1. Take the other milk bottle and cut off the handle making sure you don't cut off the wide necks at either ends
    2. The base of the handle is wider and this will act as the spout. Leaning on a flat protected surface and using a sharp object (a nail or scissors) pierce 10 holes into the plastic

    3. Taking the top of the handle cut small slits
    4. Taking the bottle top carefully cut a large hole in the centre

    5. Using strong glue attach the top handle end to the top of the bottle top
    6. After the glue has dried fill the watering can with water and screw on the bottle top

The elephant would never forget to water the plants and now with his help, neither will you!!!

Ref: "Disney Family Fun" & "Inside Heathers Home"

July 26th, 2011

Schooooools out for Summer!

For schools across the UK the summer holidays are finally upon us, and here at Appetite for Action we have plenty of boredom busting activities just for you.

Over the next six weeks we will be posting crafts and cooking ideas to get the pupils growing in the garden and devouring those delicious homegrown goodies. So watch this space!

The Appetite for Action programme has been developed in partnership between the leading environmental behaviour change charity Global Action Plan and Sky. Global Action Plan has run the Action in School programme successfully with over 300 schools, helping them to make small changes that make a big difference. The Appetite for Action programme with Sky will allow many more schools to benefit from the process.